There are just a few of the topics that we will discuss:
  1. A brief introduction to your brain. How your brain and your mind interact. How changing your mind, changes your brain. The role of neuroscience in coaching, hypnosis, and change work.
  2. How Jeffrey Schwartz' research, demonstrating OCD sufferers have the ability to change the actual physical structure of the mind simply by thinking about the problem in a different way, can be translated into a powerful and tested hypnotic pattern to deal with compulsions and habits.
  3. How your brain seeks to maintain your behaviors, all of them including the bad ones, and how to use Schwartz' theory of 'mental notes' to prevent this.
  4. The role of mindfulness in changing brain structure, and how to find mindful activities in any situation.
  5. How the mind feels compassion, how compassion activates positive brain chemistry, and how to use this to help heal childhood trauma.
  6. What Joseph LeDoux's work on the 'amygdala hijack' tells us about the structure of fears and phobias and how to deal with them.
  7. What the principle of reconsolidation tells us about changing negative memories and experiences.
  8. The physical location of 'identity' within the brain, how to find your client's identity, and what to do with it when you do.
  9. The role of mirror neurons and how to use them in your coaching work.