November 2010 : SPECIAL PROJECT: Commission work for the Monaco’s Conseil National, for the coming anniversary as well as the project of a brand new building.


As a concept, I chose to represent the institutional and political leadership of Monaco: the Prince, symbolized by the castle, and the 2 sides of the brain, Conseil National of elected members on one hand, Government on the other hand, with the 3 buildings in the shape of a boat, aiming at the future (turned towards the right). The compacted monument shows mainly the new building of the Conseil National, which I allowed myself to distort for the sake of flexibility and movement. It is represented on the Monaco Rock, “Rocher”, under a dark turquoise sky, mix of the blue and the green of the French and Italian flags and direct influences on Monaco. The light comes from under, from the population of the country, the Monegasques, and that perspective creates a strong 3D effect and definition on the gigantic Monaco flag beneath it all.

I imagined and painted most of the artwork, in NY, with oil paint, and finished in Monaco. The artwork traveled “wet”, by air, in a costumed wood suitcase, and was hand delivered mid December to the President of the Conseil National. And in the press Spring 2011...