M2M Public Art - Bergonzi crea, step four.

Creative direction : a bench from which admire not only the river but the silhouette of the phoenix, as of the visitors were sitting in the wake of the powerful bird. The 2015 Theme is Patterns of Nature, and this semi abstract 3D folded piece offers a bursting interpretation of it.

Here is the first small metal "safety model", before various modifications. 


M2M - Models to Monuments - First session.

Last August 2014, the first meeting of the team with Greg Wyatt took place at the feet of his "Peace Fountain," near the St John the Divine Cathedral. 

For Caroline Bergonzi, whose artistic mind had been stroke by it, teenager, at her first visit  of New York, this in itself was a dream come true. 

    For more, visit www.carolinebergonzi.com.    


For more, visit www.carolinebergonzi.com.


The M2M 2015 Team.

Models to Monuments - Early photo (with the comment "by the end of the program your faces will have changed").

From top left to right then bottom left to right : Donat (Switzerland), Lee (US), Ken (US), Paula (Columbia), Suki (Korea), Kate (US) and Caroline (Monaco), with the program leader, Greg Wyatt. 


For more, visit www.carolinebergonzi.com.