400 pages of inspiration with hundreds of images.


"In this book, my focus is fine art, not an attempt to define what art is but rather to use it as a window to the core of my imagination, the force guiding everything I create, a map, as it were, to my dreamscape. Beyond displaying paintings and sculptures, I invite you to discover my journey as an artist, which I hope will inspire you to trust and dare life, even when reason and external voices warn you to quit or to conform. The story, if any, is ordinary. What is extraordinary, however, is the context, these distillations of moments of feeling alive, what Joseph Campbell named “the bliss.” From detail to detail, from idea to idea, from artwork to artwork, I open my secret world and take you on the roller coaster of my quest, a simply human exploration..."


"About this book, my original intention was to explore the works of art I have created in order to gain perspective on my dreamscape. I began to write it as a letter to myself, in a very intimate, simple, and open style. Soon, I realized the value there might be for others if I shared my explorations in book form. What if I were able to inspire readers to embrace their creativity and imperfections? What if I could leave them excited to follow their paths in all aspects of life: visual arts, writing, music, cooking, singing, dancing, investing, inspiring, healing, loving, or simply living the life they want?

Writing this book turned out to be a journey in itself. Besides the large amount of research, archiving, memory digging, and the investment of a massive amount of time to write and design it, this project gave me a brand new perspective on life, especially my life.

My sister once said that for me “the shortest distance between two points is the arabesque.” If art had been my main mode of communication, non-verbal and indirect, through shapes and symbols, then you can appreciate that writing in such a methodical, open, and straight way has been a challenging and interesting effort.

During this process, a friend asked me, surprised: “Are you alright sharing yourself so personally?” I replied that the risk of being criticized was negligible, compared to the powerful possibility of finally meeting many more of my peers. On a larger scale, making this connection to my inner world and self was extremely important. Art is our access to the collective mind, to the source of our life force, to our deepest beliefs and emotions, to the core of our humanity. We live within a social matrix, under the influence of our times. And the more pervasive the outside world is, the more crucial it is to pursue our inner explorations, to constantly raise our awareness, sharpen our critical thinking, and keep a clear sense of authenticity.

As a team, sharing and connecting might allow us to dare to take bigger risks and trust that the flow of life will lead us where we are meant to go, both individually and collectively."

- Caroline Bergonzi.

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