Mid January, it is still time to wish you a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR !! 

2013 is over. I spent most of it in my Creative Laboratory, developing a very exciting new art project, the one of ART JEWELRY ! I should say wearable art.

When I started playing with a block of wax and a blade, I did not realize that I was stepping into a new journey, and a huge project.

The designs are all original, with an emphasis on "power rings," also called "right hand rings"... as well as earrings, necklaces, and even a few daring cufflinks for the gentlemen. 

Order a piece (available in limited editions, with a number and a certificate of authenticity), in silver or in 18 karat gold. Everything is handmade, and on order, for you.  

Thanks for visiting the new site, just for the Art Jewelry.

Thanks also for forwarding the news and for your support : if the project takes off, I will create new series, always more creative, in parallel to my other art activities, of metal sculpture and painting...

Below you can also read some news from the Creative Laboratory

Wishing you a memorable New Year, creative, playful and beautiful.

Caroline Bergonzi.




I am joyful and proud to reveal my most recent art project, a wonderful new creative experience. After bronze casting and metal welding, I made very small sculptures and turned them into jewelry. Here is thewebsite. For photos of the making, go to thearts website. For regular updates, Like our Facebook page or follow our Twits.  



- "High Standard"

magazine, exclusive painting for the cover and article, against advertising page. 

- "Maison et Jardin." 

French magazine. Monaco artist in the Monaco special. 

- "Artscape." Art magazine, article about my retrospective at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC. 


Did I tell you I wrote a big Art Book? I composed it to make it as inspirational as I could. In it you will find elements about creativity (how stumbling can lead to bliss), and get back to your own dreams. The book is available on Amazon, 400 pages hard cover, and now as well in Kindle version ! Enjoy (and please drop me a line).



Celestial Matters, Brooklyn.

- CSur, South Hampton.


New artworks. For regular updates, Like our Facebook page or follow our Twits.  



"Monaco Info" TV Interview.

TV clip featuring me on NY1 and more.


I feel very grateful for the people who made my year joyful. A big thank you to the clients and friends who collected more of my art works, who trusted me for commission works, and for exhibitions. Thank you to my to my welding allies, starting with Haksul Lee, to my painting allies, including Joe Ongie and Isaac Maldonado, to my jewelry allies, starting with Camille Bertrand, Kathy and Kristin, and the new spectacular friends I made among jewelry designers. Thank you to my dearest friends for their ongoing support and unconditional love, starting with Johannes, Karl, Edewin, Patrice, Vekrum, Bahriye, Kenneth, Guillaume, Richard, Brian, Valerie, Sandy, Davide... Thank you to Diana, for supporting me at the art studio, to Bassem and our team. Thank you to my mother for this life changing trip to India, early this year, and to my siblings for creating lovely children and generating daily our beautiful family. Lots of love. 


Art holds powerful magic, so let's be intentional: the Holiday season is very near and you want to contact us to get started on your commissioned projects:

PAINTINGS - a wide range of techniques to translate your thoughts into a custom unique image. 

PORTRAITS - adapted method from the best American portrait artist. Live studio or photos. 

ART JEWELRY - creativity, skills and listening to co-create meaningful, unique and lasting pieces.

ART BOOK - Make a gift of love, creativity and inspiration, to others or to yourself, with the Creative Odyssey 400 page book, of texts and photos. Amazon USA: Hard Cover and Kindle Edition. Amazon UK (for Europe): Hard Cover and Kindle Edition.     



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