I am proud to announce that we are getting close to completing the M2M program, and even more to announce that my largest masterpiece to this day will be unveiled in a few weeks. The above image is a simulation, as I am currently working on the beast in Brooklyn...

The artwork: "Metamorphosis", a formidable 24-foot-wide golden sculpture, made of bronze brazed cut-out steel. The location: Riverside South Park, 68th street and the Hudson. The unveiling: The Model to Monument (M2M) public art program’s official unveiling ceremony will happen on June 11th at 2pm, at 60th street and the Hudson River, and move up to 68th street. The artist: Caroline Bergonzi is a modern-day alchemist, Manhattan based and originally from Monaco, who designs in 2D, cuts, forms in 3D, welds the steel and brazes bronze on it for an ancestral golden sacredness and the warm color of fire. The thoughts and creative process: One assigned this location, between the golden horizon of the Trump buildings and the powerful and mysterious ruins of the historic 69th street Transfer Bridge, Caroline Bergonzi created a site specific work in steel and bronze. If art is a physical representation, Metamorphosis expresses the recent and current social, psychological and urban transformations, and their dynamic force through a harmony of contrasts: past and future, rough and smooth, dark and light, authentic and superficial, decay versus luxury. The intention: With her materials and methods and the timeless universal symbol of the Phoenix, the mythical bird endlessly reborn, the artist wants to remind us of our latent and limitless possibilities. The gesture of the winged creature appears as a hovering elixir inviting us to slow down, look up, reflect and trust the process of positive transformation. Side events: With Summer on the Hudson 2015’s rich program of free public events and activities ( on Pier 1 at 70th street, and the nearby Pier-i café (, many visitors are expected to feel the sculpture’s luminous inspiration.

For more information, visit and follow my creative journey on the various social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, all links below). Every morning I post an unpublished image and a countdown to June 11th! 

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. Feel free to reach out to me with your comments, thoughts and questions, as I always welcome your inputs and feedback. A bit locked in my laboratory, and now in a Brooklyn factory, I would very much appreciate encouragements and support as far as sharing and promoting this lifetime news, to friends as well as press and various art professionals, critics, dealers, galleries, museums and various cultural directions you find inspiring, movie makers, architects, you tell me.

Gratefully, Caroline.



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